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If you are looking for premium quality bathtub for your bathroom, Our high quality Terrazzo stone bathtub will not disappoint. This may provoke a number of questions considering the unusual recommendation. However, we stand by our recommendation due to a myriad of reasons.

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ID : Ide Desain Bathtub Terrazzo : Model bak mandi terazzo terbaru yang menyerupai bentuk perahu tradisional di Indonesia.

One of the primary reasons is the fact that this dense material does not contain porous, making it completely safer and environmentally friendly. Not only that, the natural stone of its material also makes it incredibly resistant to breakage and cracks. The combination of these factors makes terrazzo a sturdy and affordable option considering its shelf life.

While its resistance to breakage and shelf life already offers enough convincing. The advantages that comes with this type of bathtub material are not limited to that. Combined with chips marble, the epoxy resin terrazzo composite also provides impressive advantages. Namely its resistance to heat, and best of all, corrosion.

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ID : Harga Bathtub Terrazzo : Konstruksi yang kuat dengan fiber mat layer tetapi tetap ringan, Cocok untuk bathtub Hotel, Villa dan Apartemen maupun rumah bertingkat anda.

Composite Stone Bathtub

Terrazzo stone bathtub made of high polyester resin mix with natural recycle marble that make eco green environment. The soaking bathtub is typically custom-made, giving customers more flexibility.
Would you like to complement your bathroom aesthetic even further? The sophisticated design and sturdy material of terrazzo bathtubs indeed never fail to mesmerize. However, you may also add various stone bathware to complement your interior. Their addition will surely make a statement with your bathroom design.

Explore More : Our Terrazzo Bali factory and workshop at No.17, Jl. Pura Demak Lange 1, Tegal Harum, West Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80119 and meet bathtub designer also bathtub builder / craftman.

ID : Pabrik Bathtub / Google Map Lokasi Workshop : Kunjungi pabrik / workshop kami untuk konsultasi dengan designer bahthtub dan menentukan model yang ideal untuk kebutuhan bak mandi anda.

Its stone composite comes with unique antibacterial formula that deters stains, which undoubtedly adds to its advantages. Terrazzo bathtubs, regardless of which type you are going for, are equipped with the aforementioned formula. You no longer have to worry about yellowing or other typical issues associated with bathtub. Best of all, these bathtubs adequately retain heat, which elevates your bathing experience.

Handmade Bathtub Art

Pabrik Bathtub / Produsen Bak Mandi

Each our Free standing tub is beautifully crafted by expert craftmen, Also feature matching functional central plug placement to ensure clean drainage that is crucial for sanitary. Not only that, it also ensures easy installation of your terrazzo bathtub art. Just Plug and Play your bathtub in your bathroom.

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